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Remote Music Therapy : FAQs about Virtual Tele-health

Providing safe, responsible music therapy practices during Covid-19 has become the primary mission of Modulations Therapies. Singing in close proximity to others is considered a high risk activity, and the nature of our work often involves sharing instruments and singing together in ways that are not safe during Corona virus. Fortunately, we transitioned to virtual computer-based services in March and have been having great success (and even found some exciting advantages)! Do you have questions about virtual services? Get answers to your FAQs below.

What is remote music therapy?

Music therapy and music lessons are being offered live, in real time using video conferencing platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Doxy. Remote sessions can be provided to individuals, families, or groups. These sessions are similar to what we offered previously, and include music-making, singing, instrument play, songwriting, and a variety of interactive activities to meet specific client goals.

What kind of technology do I need to access virtual services?

You can participate in remote services with any type of device that can access the internet. We recommend a device with a larger screen (so a tablet or laptop is better than a phone), or the ability to cast a session onto your TV. A good internet connection is important and will provide the best quality experience. If you already have an account on a video-conferencing platform like Zoom or Google, we can use that. Otherwise, we will work with you on the best hosting platform for your needs.

What are the benefits of remote services?

While remote services don’t offer the same level of ease or close interaction as in-person sessions provide, there are some exciting benefits of remote services. We have heard over and over during the past 6 months that the opportunity to continue music therapy sessions remotely has been a crucial connection for our clients.

For school-based services, parents and siblings have loved the opportunity to participate in sessions and see the benefits of music first-hand. Our ability to co-treat with other therapists, like SLPs and OTs, has been another wonderful benefit of online services. This increased collaboration with families and other treatment providers helps us all work together towards common goals.

My child is missing programs and services he/she was getting in school. Can you help?

Yes! We provide both traditional music lessons as well as IEP-based music therapy services. Our board-certified music therapist can contract with individual families, microschools, homeschool collectives, or school districts to create virtual music programs that support a variety of learning needs. Learn more here.

What if I can’t access virtual services?

For people who cannot access online services, we offer personalized pre-recorded video content to support a variety of enrichment goals. We are also evaluating the appropriateness of outdoor, socially distanced visits on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us to discuss options that best meet your needs.

What if we don’t have instruments at home?

Don’t worry, we can make it work! There are lots of sounds that you can make with regular household objects, like dried beans inside a cardboard box, or rice in a small plastic bottle. Tupperware makes a great drum, and other instruments can be made as part of arts and crafts projects at home. We also have instrument kits that can be rented or borrowed for use at home, just ask!

This sounds great, but I’m not sure if it will work for my situation.

Email or call us (207-812-8662) to schedule a free consultation, where we can answer your questions, test out your technology, and figure out if remote music services are the right fit.

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