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Our Story

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Modulations Therapies, LLC was founded in 2015 in order to bring innovative music therapy services to Mainers. We are a small practice focused on providing customers a personalized, flexible approach that respects your strengths and focuses on your potential.


Modulations Therapies provides clinical music therapy services, music lessons, and professional consultation to individuals, families, and organizations throughout Hancock and Penobscot Counties and remotely across Maine. 

Our Name

To "modulate" in music means to change key or tonality. Musicians modulate to provide structure, move a piece forward, or find a more comfortable range for a singer or instrument. 


A modulation is a kind of change that keeps the melody and harmonies intact. At Modulations Therapies, we honor your story, your song. It is our job to structure and facilitate the kind of change that strengthens your voice, moves you forward, and helps you be more comfortable in the world. 

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Change Through Music

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Carla Tanguay, MA, MT-BC. She/her

Owner/operator Carla Tanguay, MA, MT-BC, is a board-certified music therapist with over 20 years of experience in clinical practice and healthcare management.


Carla began her music therapy career working in hospice care, supporting patients and families at the end of life. During her 11 years in this setting, Carla gained clinical skills related to pain and symptom management, memory care, and grief work. She met thousands of people from all walks of life and was honored to be a guest on their journeys. Carla also served as an internship director, clinical educator, and manager of several departments. 

In 2012, Carla moved to Mount Desert Island in Maine to direct an adult day program for people with memory loss. There she combined her clinical and administrative skills and brought music therapy to our area for the first time. After several years, she saw the need for expanded services that would serve all populations and age ranges, and launched her private practice.

Carla holds a Bachelor's of Music Education in Music Therapy from the College of Wooster and a Master of Arts in Music Therapy from St. Mary of the Woods College. She has been a featured speaker at national conferences, medical schools, and healthcare organizations. Carla has published research articles in peer-reviewed journals, and was recognized with a professional practice award from the American Music Therapy Association.  

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What People Say...

"At Modulations Therapies you will find a passionate and professional music therapist who truly cares for her clients." -Activities Director

"Carla's music touched our mother in such a special way. Mother had never been a singer, but the songs they sang together comforted and soothed her." -Former client's daughter

"Carla is a rare combination of being talented, professional, and accessible." -Fellow Business Owner

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