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Children's Services

Our Core Beliefs

  • A child's work is play.

  • Music provides opportunities to develop critical non-musical skills through play and exploration.

  • All children have the potential for successful, meaningful interactions with music. 

  • Music can help access and build upon the strengths of every child. 

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Music is engaging, creative, and fun! 


Active involvement in music has beneficial effects on many areas of child development. 

Music therapy provides specific interventions to help children who are not meeting developmental milestones or need extra support. 


Modulations Therapies brings individual, family, and group music therapy to children of all ages and abilities. We serve children in homes, schools, and facilities throughout Hancock and Penobscot Counties in Maine.

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Early Childhood 

Long before they start school, children use their senses to explore and learn. Music therapy uses the structure, rhythm, patterns, and sounds of music in a deliberate way to build upon strengths, address developmental goals, and help young children reach their potential.

We can help:

  • Practice words and speech sounds

  • Improve parent/child bonding

  • Develop pre-reading skills

  • Facilitate social interaction

  • Support sharing and cooperative play

  • Teach and practice self-regulation skills

Parent and baby having fun with musical instruments
Child holding up tambourine and looking at camera

Unique and Differently-abled Kids

Music helps us to step outside our perceived limitations or diagnoses and discover new ways of growing and thriving. We partner with parents, teachers, other healthcare professionals, and the IEP team to work on physical, communication, academic, social, and emotional goals.

We can help:

  • Address receptive and expressive communication goals

  • Improve body awareness and coordination

  • Improve executive functioning and attention skills

  • Support sensory processing differences

  • Facilitate self-expression and improve self-esteem

  • Improve social skills


Music therapists are highly trained to serve as part of the medical treatment team to address healthcare goals and ease symptoms. 

We can help:

  • Reduce pain during medical procedures and acute conditions

  • Decrease fear and anxiety 

  • Develop and practice coping skills

  • Support physical therapy and rehabilitation goals

  • Support academic progress 

Teddy bear with bandaid on, tucked into bed
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