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Online Services

A child's hand reaching towards the video image of a therapist on a laptop

Do you live in a part of Maine where you don't have access to in person music therapy services?

Are you more comfortable with online services than in person visits, for any reason?


We offer virtual, online music therapy services through a number of platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, and Doxy. 


 Contact us to discuss the best fit for your family or facility. 

Singing and sharing instruments in close proximity is still not comfortable for many people. Here are some alternatives:

  • Virtual Music Therapy services on our secure, online platform

  • Online or outdoor Music Lessons or therapy sessions

  • Live stream music therapy groups into your school or facility (or explore live outdoor options)

  • Create personalized video content for your family, group, staff, students, etc.

Looking for a music teacher for your online microschool or homeschool program? 

Our board certified music therapist holds a Bachelor's of Music Education and specializes in making learning fun, accessible, and enriching. We design music experiences that support other academic subjects, like literacy & math, as well as promote the development of social skills, self-regulation, and executive functioning.  

Learn more!

We have created video episodes full of enriching, familiar content for preschool age children. Check them out on our YouTube channel!

A music therapist with a guitar recording a video
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