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Adult & Senior Services

Our Core Beliefs

  • Everyone has inherent strengths, interests, and value. 

  • Everyone can have successful, meaningful interactions through music.

  • Music brings back memories and deepens our connections.

  • Music has powerful effects on our mind, body, and spirit. 

Music can access areas of the mind and body other therapies can't reach.

Music is one of the best things we can do for our brains. It provides a complementary approach that is used alongside traditional therapies to help people meet physical or mental health goals.


Modulations Therapies brings individual, family, and group music therapy to people of all ages and abilities. We serve adults and seniors in their own homes and in care facilities throughout Hancock and Penobscot Counties in Maine.



Music therapy can be a powerful complement to physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Taking advantage of the unique way music is processed in the brain, music therapists use neurologic techniques paired with the fun and motivating nature of music to help clients reach their goals. We specialize in working with people who have Parkinson's Disease, stroke, TBIs, and chronic or acute pain.

We can help:

  • Improve gait and balance

  • Increase strength, mobility, and range of motion

  • Improve self esteem and promote independence

  • Regain or improve speech

  • Decrease pain perception

Older woman doing group physical activity
Older woman concentrating while playing small musical instrument

Memory Care 

Music sparks memories. Hearing a song that was important during a particular time in someone’s life or a song that evokes a special event or place, often brings back memories that may otherwise be forgotten. Music therapists create personalized experiences that improve relationships, mood, and quality of life.

We can help:

  • Improve memory recall

  • Reduce agitation, anxiety and depression

  • Improve overall quality of life

  • Provide positive, meaningful engagement

  • Create meaningful shared experiences

Serious Illness and Palliative Care

Music therapists are highly trained to serve as part of the medical treatment team to ease symptoms and address measurable goals. We honor and support the whole range of human needs, including the physical, social, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual.

We can help:

  • Reduce pain during medical procedures and acute conditions

  • Decrease fear and anxiety 

  • Strengthen feelings of autonomy, choice, and meaning

  • Support physical therapy and rehabilitation goals

  • Increase feelings of spiritual support

  • Improve overall quality of life 

Hands covering the heart area of an older man
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