Music Lessons

Core Beliefs

  • Everyone is musical.

  • Anyone can learn to make music, no matter their age or ability.

  • Music should be fun, fulfilling, and meaningful.

  • Music making is not something that should be left to the "experts."

  • Music makes us better.

Our Approach

At Modulations Therapies, we take a different approach to music instruction. We believe that music should be enjoyable and available for everyone, no matter your age, ability, or limitations.

We help students develop a love of music in a creative and fun atmosphere. We understand that people learn differently, and are specialists in making music accessible and positive for everyone.

Lessons take place in your home *or virtually through video platforms* in the space where you practice. This frees up your travel time and allows you to receive instruction in the same environment that you practice. Parents or other family members are encouraged to take part, or to take advantage of precious "me" time.​

What We Teach
General music
Why learn an instrument?

This TedEd video from Anita Collins gives a compelling explanation!


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