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Developing Partnerships with Agencies and Organizations

Music therapy is a value-added service that can help competitively position your organization through improved outcomes and increased client satisfaction. 

Within the healthcare setting, music therapy is quickly becoming a hallmark of excellence for integrative patient care. Notably, all 10 of US News and World Report's Top Ten Pediatric Hospitals offer music therapy services. 

In educational settings, music therapy is a related service that addresses specific therapeutic goals in accordance with a child’s individualized education plan. School-based music therapy groups create engaging learning environments that enable all students to succeed. 

Community and arts organizations find music therapy enables them to connect with people unable to access more mainstream programs. 

Modulations Therapies partners with a variety of educational, healthcare, and community organizations to increase access to services and promote shared values. With their support, we are able to bring a variety of creative and beneficial programs to people of all ages and income levels. 

Partnering agencies and organizations find that music therapy is significantly more affordable than they originally imagined. At Modulations Therapies, we have decades of experience in organizational management and are available to assist in program and budget development. We partner with large and small organizations and have the flexibility to create a program that is right for you.

If funding a program seems unattainable at this time, check out our post Free or Low Cost Ways to Bring Music Therapy to Your Organization.

Questions about partnering with us? Contact us today at or 207-812-8662

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